This State Police Agency Received Its First Report of Stolen Pot Plants...

August 24,2018 | By Sasha Goldstein

It’s August 2018. You’re growing cannabis outside your house in rural Vermont. You wake up one morning and find that someone stole your weed plants. Whaddya do? Call the cops! That’s right: About six weeks after cannabis legalization, Vermont State Police got the agency's first report of stolen pot plants. "We investigate this theft really as we would the theft of any reported stolen property," Vermont State Police spokesman Adam Silverman told WCAX-TV. The victim in this case was East Charleston resident Joshua Newcity, who woke up August 16 to find four cannabis plants had gone missing, the Caledonian Record reported. The grower kept two plants behind a seven-foot-tall privacy fence and two others by his front door. “Some people believe I shouldn’t publicly share this, but by sweeping it under the rug, we enable these thieves to continue doing this, or worse,” Newcity wrote in a Facebook post about the thefts. Whoever helps Newcity track down the thieves will have a bud for life. “If anyone sees some brand new foliage at their neighbors house, please know I’m offering a reward of ALL PLANTS RECOVERED simply to press charges of theft against those who almost got our dogs killed by leaving the gate open after stealing from us,” Newcity wrote. “You'll be glad to know, the dogs were recovered safely.” Here are some other cannabis stories we followed this week:


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