Marijuana is keeping my 4-year-old alive, mother says

January 24,2017 | By Drew Mikkelsen

OLYMPIA, Wash. – An Olympia mother testified before a State House committee Monday in favor of more lenient marijuana laws.

Meagan Holt told state lawmakers she’s trying to do what’s best for her daughter. She just wishes it didn’t involve committing a felony.

“This is my reality,” Holt testified before members of House Commerce and Gaming Committee Monday.

Holt supports House Bill 1212, which would allow home marijuana grows and the sharing of pot products.

Holt told lawmakers her 4-year-old daughter Maddie benefits from home grown cannabis and oils given to her by illegal growers.

Maddie Holt suffers from Zelweger’s Syndrome, a terminal genetic disease.

Her mother said Maddie's likely still alive because of the oils.

“Most children with this devastating disease don’t survive past their first year of life,” Holt told House members.

Meagan Holt also testified on a bill last week to allow medical use of marijuana at schools.

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