Marijuana Enthusiasts Celebrate '420' at Invite-Only Party in Encinitas

April 24,2017 | By By Paul Vara – Staff Writer – Marijuana Journal

In San Diego County, hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts celebrated the day at an invite-only A-list party.

April 20 is known by several names by marijuana lovers and advocates--"Weed Day" and "4/20" among them.

In San Diego County, hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts celebrated the day at an invite-only A-list party.

The creators of a website called Budtrader hosted the party at Shelter Night Club in Encinitas. Among the 200 plus guests were the owners, entrepreneurs, and investors in Southern California's cannabis industry.

The November vote that legalized recreational marijuana in the state created the "green rush." Ever since, those wanting a piece of the business have been clamoring for footing on the ground floor.

Child Hospitalized With Bites From Family's Dog in Vista One of those making a real name for him is former Encinitas software company owner Brad McLaughlin.

McLaughlin bought and in a matter of months grew the registered membership from 60,000 to over 600,000.

The website connects business owners in the cannabis industry so they can share everything from products to corporate structure. McLaughlin made headlines last week after he invited Governor Jerry Brown to this event.

Jurors Hear Closing Arguments in Bizarre Baja Homicide Although Governor Brown didn't commit, McLaughlin said his presence would give confidence to investors in California's cannabis industry.

"All the other leaders in the marijuana industry will be here tonight. His presence just says 'I stand with you guys. I support you. It's going to be great for the state, you have nothing to worry about and if push comes to shove, I have your back'," McLaughlin said.

Prior to Car Submerge, Another Car Rolled Into Water: Suit McLaughlin told NBC 7, a two-time gold medal winning Olympian, a former NFL player and one NFL current player did attend the party. Even though its a "Weed Day" celebration, there is no marijuana use allowed on the premises.

EXCLUSIVE Lemon Grove Teen's Killer Sought: Detectives Recreational use regulations and licensing are still being worked out in Sacramento.


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