BudTrader.com Announces JV with Greenway Payments Solutions

February 06,2018 | By Tennie Brown

Los Angeles, CA – February 5, 2018– BudTrader.com, the largest online MMJ marketplace, has announced a joint venture with Greenway Merchant Processors to bring reliable debit card processing to the cannabis space. Greenway is one of the only merchant processors that has been able to accept debit cards legally for cannabis and CBD transactions.

“One of BudTrader’s goals this year was to solve the merchant processing issue in the cannabis industry,” says BudTrader.com CEO Brad McLaughlin. “This partnership with GreenwayPayments.com, BudTrader is going to be able to bring much needed, reliable merchant services into the cannabis space.”

“As we get closer to our goal of seamless merchant processing for cannabis,” McLaughlin continues, “the industry as a whole gets closer to acceptance and legitimacy.”

Greenway Payments President Troy Loeher had this to say, “We have ten years’ experience processing payments for regulated industries. Cannabis (retail and delivery), CBD (retail and ecommerce), and smoking accessories - these are our bread and butter. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there when it comes to processing payments for these industries. We take a lot of pride in the ability to be direct and provide bank sponsored and approved solutions for retail face to face dispensaries, delivery services and cultivators nationwide. Our main goal is to establish a strong business relationship with each client for the long term, so we view this as more than just a service provided but as a partner to their business. We are extremely excited for the opportunity to partner with Bud Trader, a prestigious company in the cannabis space that shares the same long term values and vision that we have."

BudTrader.com is a platform that allows users to post and respond to classifieds style ads in the cannabis industry, and has grown to become the largest cannabis marketplace in the Western Hemisphere. BudTrader.com is available only within the 29 states where cannabis is legal, along with Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the now in Canada via BudTrader Canada (budtrader.ca).

BudTrader.com is headquartered in San Diego, CA, where the state of the art BudTrader Campus was built in 2017. The site has just opened a second office in Santa Monica, CA (aka “Silicon Beach”). As their next project, McLaughlin and his team plan to expand into cryptocurrency for the cannabis market by introducing a BudTrader Coin, the first cannabis oriented crypto coin to be developed.

For more information on the partnership between BudTrader and Greenway Merchant Processors, visit: https://california.budtrader.com/company/greenwaypayments or visit greenwaypayments.com. Click here for more info


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