BudTrader Adds MMA Legend Ian McCall to its Advisory Board

October 25,2018 | By Victoria Omega

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 24, 2018 - BudTrader.com, the largest online cannabis marketplace, is proud to announce the addition of MMA legend Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall to their Advisory Board, and as an investor in the company. The former UFC champion recently announced his retirement from the ring, and is using his free time to pursue opportunities in cannabis and health and wellness.

McCall and BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin attended Catholic School together at St. Catherines Academy in Orange County and went to High School together at Dana Hills High School in Dana Point, McLaughlin says the two have been teaming up since grade school.

“In 4th grade, Ian almost got us kicked out of summer camp. He convinced me to sneak out to meet girls in the middle of the night,” McLaughlin recounts. “We got caught by a Junior Counselor and pulled in to the Camp Director’s office. Somehow, we were able to talk our way out of trouble that night! Ian and I have always made a great team. Like Kobe and Shaq!”

More recently, Ian McCall, Brad McLaughlin and MMA Legend Chuck Liddell teamed up for Chuck’s Christmas Toy Drive for children at The Foothill Regional Medical Center in December 2017. BudTrader and McLaughlin delivered a semi truck full of toys.

McCall says his decision to invest in BudTrader was an easy one. “I have been a cannabis patient and advocate for some time, even before it was popular to admit it. Cannabis is going to grow into a 100 billion dollar industry, and I want to get in on the green rush but I also want to help people.”

“To me, BudTrader is the platform that helps people make money but they also help people,” McCall continued. “I told Brad [McLaughlin, BudTrader CEO] I believe he and BudTrader are going to save the world. Watch out Facebook and Google - BudTrader is going to be not only the biggest cannabis platform, but the biggest social media platform too, soon enough.”

BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin had this to say about McCall coming on board as an investor and Advisory Board member: “Ian is one of the top 10 MMA fighters of all time, and he’s ten times better than that as a businessman. Having him on our Advisory Board is a huge addition, and we are expecting very big things from this partnership.”

This is not the first time BudTrader has partnered with major figures in the world of MMA. In December of 2017, McLaughlin teamed up with MMA superstar Chuck Liddell and his wife Heidi to donate 4 shipping pallets of toys for hospitalized children at The Foothill Regional Medical Center's Pediatric Unit during the Liddell’s Christmas charity event. This was part of BudTrader’s ongoing efforts to better the community and to present a healthy and positive public image for cannabis.

BudTrader.com is the largest online cannabis marketplace. Its platform is available in the United States as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. BudTrader’s two-million registered users can safely and legally post and reply to classifieds-style ads for cannabis products, services, jobs, equipment and more.


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