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A growing number of U.S. states and countries around the world have begun legalizing cannabis in one form or another, traditional stock market indices like the NASDAQ have begun to include companies from the marijuana industry. Cannabis stocks are up and stock prices seem to be stabilizing. Some industry insiders believe a ‘third wave’ in the cannabis sector is coming.

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Weed is still sold on the black and gray markets in California currently as of June 2019. Their are multiple reasons for this. I like lists so here’s a good one.

-tax: it’s as much as 40% tax at a licensed and legal state run dispensary. That means that if you spend $100 at the dispensary on some flower, vape, pre-roll and edibles your total bill, with tax is now $140. Consumers have shown they are unwilling to pay that much in pot tax.

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Here is my advice for and optimal joint smoking experience and some helpful hints that could save you some time and some money.

Let’s talk about the weed in your first joint. In the beginning don’t start with the super strong, super skunk, purple cheese weed that’s $350 and Oz, or even the above average weed, or even the Jane Brady middle child/middle of the road weed, get the low THC weed to start until you even understand what this plant is and all that it does. Until you understand it’s power and your response to said power I do not recommend you do anything but micro-dosing in the beginning, which is essentially 1 or 2 hits on a mild THC level strain.

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LOS ANGELES and DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / Grapefruit USA, Inc. (OTC PINK:GPFT), a California based cannabis distribution and manufacturing company ("Grapefruit" or the "Company") is announcing today that it has made significant progress in the development of its patented THC + Cannabinoid infused "Patchless Patch™" time release topical cream.

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